Three Cliffs Bay, Gower


Three Cliffs Bay, Gower    Watercolour over pencil on paper    20″ x 16″   Sold                                                   

A view of the dramatic three peaks and the bay’s prominent, large sand dune from the West side of the valley, near the Chalets. This foreground sand dune once extended another 150 yards or so to its left side from this viewpoint,  allowing a large lake or lagoon landside, behind it to form, when filled by a high tide. A similar lagoon was evident at Whiteford Point on a high tide, but this too, has very recently had its seaward, protective dune wall washed away by fierce winter high tides and the lagoon is now not so impressive or full as it once used to be.                                                                        


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  1. kate hillier on December 14th, 2011 12:12 pm

    I am looking for a wall painting of 3 cliffs bay. Do you have any?
    Thank you,

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